Welcome to the Studio Scale web site!

Studioscale.com is the homepage of the Millennium Falcon Builders Club , whose objective is to share and compile information on building a replica of any of the  models used to bring the Millennium Falcon to life in the classic Star Wars trilogy.

In the future, as we gather more and more information, other models used in the films will surely be included and maybe even models used in other great movies. 

If you are interested in building a studio scale model of the Millennium Falcon, then a very important first step would probably be to join the MFalcon forum. We hope to read from you there!

Fine Molds kit of the Millennium Falcon !

Finally a nice model kit of the Millennium Falcon. Its not studio scale but its a nice representation of our favorite ship ! Read more

Looking for plans for your Falcon ?

Take a look in The Falcon Models section under Blueprints. Thanks Woody!





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