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Thanks Woody !

It seems like every time someone joins our group the first question that pops up is "Where can I get plans for the basic shape of the 32 inch Falcon?" Well here they are. They may not be 100% correct (yet) but they are the best set of plans I've seen yet. Woody has obviously put a lot of work into making these and is counting on us (as in YOU TOO !) to help him make them even more accurate. He is drawing them in autocad so changing a dim here and there does not involve redrawing the whole thing over again, so feel free to make suggestions.

I've made the plans available here for your convenience but you might want to tke a look at his site to chack for an updated version . They are available in both Metric and Imperial and in both .DWG and .pdf

Metric Pdf DWG

Inches Pdf DWG


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